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Aug 10, 2013 11:00pm EDT
the disabled national convention. president obama outlined several priorities. >> the fight to recover from the wounds of war. and this may be your greatest triumph of all. because rather than being defined by what you lost, by what you can't do, you inspire america [ inaudible ] with what you can do. >> president obama outlined several priorities for veterans including certain bull jets that are elevated, homelessness is reduced and jobs and educational benefits are boosted. he announced the american veterans disabled for life memorial which will be unveiled next year in the nation's capitol. >>> playing the lottery pours millions into the state coffers. but it's not all good news tas competition from casinos gross lottery revenues are down. pat warren has details on a drop in ticket sales. >> reporter: that's right. marylanders willing to gamble on winning are enriching the state with their losses but every silver lining has a cloud. that ticket you bought today may not be worth anything to you tonight but it's a win for the state. $1.7 billion generated in ticket sales in fi
Aug 11, 2013 11:00pm EDT
debate about u.s. surveillance practices. and president obama said he'll make practices more transparent and accountable. ruppersbergerer says those programs are needed. >> we need this program and the president understands that. >> did you feel the agency invaded anyone's privacy. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: lon snowden said much of what the president said is superficial. snowden's father says he has not spoken with his son since he left the u.s. >>> more than a dozen embassies are back open tonight after security concerns shut them down earlier this month. u.s. officials say it was the most serious terror threat in years. even comparing the threat to the 9/11 attacks. today the u.s. embassy in tripoli and cairo reopened. but the embassy in yemen remains closed. >>> back in the states, the california teenager will son see her family again. she was missing for a week. hannah anderson was rescued after law enforcement shot and killed her alleged abductor. marly hall reports for wjz. >> reporter: after nearly a week of worry, raffle and sarah brit will soon be reunited with their grand
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2